7 Years Of New Beginnings

Every 7 years we become a totally new person with the same fingerprints. That’s science.  At the molecular level we shed, grow and shift.  The changes are so small we can’t even feel them.  Allergies are gone. Habits have died. The new you is ripe for the taking.  This much change happening every single day is a perfect excuse to celebrate a new you: today.  Today may not be the day you get over your fear of heights, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be an important start into the journey towards the all-new-super-duper-better-than-you-ever-dreamt- you.

Today can be the start of something wonderful.  Today can be the day you start acting like a Superhero.  It can be the moment you choose to reveal the winner that’s been hiding under your secret identity.  Everyday you can start to begin again.  Do you suffer from the feeling of something not quite right with your universe? Change it.  Have you been putting off a decision that could alter the way the world sees you? Do it today.  It is time for a new beginning.  Begin it.

Even the lowliest of decisions can shift the journey you started on.  The greatest thing about beginnings is that they can be started even before the end of something else…maybe it was something that you shouldn’t have started, maybe it’s something you’ve procrastinated into more of a challenge than it actually is.  I want you to know, you have the power to change who, where and what you started into whatever you want.  People are living their happiest lives all around you; why shouldn’t you be one of them?  If it’s broke. Fix it…or simply start over.

Every peasant could be a Princess.  As long as the King has an open mind. Every super villain can change his ways.  The immense power you have inside will surprise you.  I know it can be scary.  I know it takes hard work and in some cases pain, but if it’s a change you’re willing to make, you should make it.  Choose to start happiness and end sadness.  Choose to be brave and bold.  Motivate yourself to end those nasty habits.  So, unless you’ve broken a mirror lately, your 7 years of bad luck are at an end.  Start being the person you want to be… of course, if it’s a pilot, take a few flying lessons before starting your own airline…And then start.

7 Years Of New Beginnings

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