I’m A Poor Loser

I don’t like it when people beat me at things. I don’t like loosing. That applies to everything. I don’t like losing boardgames. I don’t like losing my grip on reality. I don’t like being #2. I don’t like losing jobs. It makes me angry. I admit, I can set my sights unrealistically high, becoming inconsolable when I am beaten by myself. And don’t even get me started when someone beats me at my own game. Let me just say: I am a poor loser.

My Bro and I are fond of saying we’re not competitive, we just like to win. There is nothing wrong with a strong sense of competition…unless losing throws you into a downward shame spiral. Of course, I am my own worst enemy. Which also makes me my own biggest adversary. My gym coach says I am a self deprecating heavy weight champion. She thinks I am too hard on myself. With the expectation of perfection on the first attempt. To be honest I have always worked on the theory if I beat myself up, nobody else will. And if I am not hard on myself, who else would be? I mean, I know we don’t have to look very far to find a dis-courtesy or disregard, but it is easier when I acknowledge I am a loser before being called one.

This Green Eyed Vixen hates losing, especially when the winner is present. I like to win prizes. I like to win contests. I like to win over an audience. I just like winning. In a few of my recent endeavours I have set specific goals for myself; only to be beaten by a classmate, friend or just random jerks. I am stubborn and determined and a bit lazy, but I think I deserve to be a winner. I guess I am just going to have to try harder and plot thicker. Now, if only I could figure out how to compete with only myself, instead of worrying about losing to people who don’t even know we’re competing. Maybe I should just tell them. And even though I may lose a battle or two, it might be sweeter if everyone I was battling knew they’d won. Then I could be the biggest loser, which is actually the winner at losing.

I ❤ being a Winner! So, don't be surprised if I loose it.

I’m A Poor Loser

2 thoughts on “I’m A Poor Loser

  1. GFF says:

    I have been similarly competitive all my life – especially at the gym. I always wanted to be the best and I would get discouraged when people were better than me. Then it got to the point where I wanted to celebrate my wins and the wins of other people. If someone was better than me at something, I would go up to them and tell them how much I admired their splits/shoulder mount/crazy pole or hoop move. People love to be complimented. I turned that into my game, where instead of being jealous I would make sure they knew what a great job they did or were doing. That way I’ve acknowledged their win, so I can turn the focus onto my own. Then everybody wins. (Cheesy, I know, but true story!) 🙂

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