If The Pants Fit

One of the downfalls of a great memory, is you remember everything. I can remember all the things that used to be amazing. I have a strong sense of nostalgia; constantly longing for times gone by…not all of them, but you get the drift. I want things to be as awe-wait for it-some as I remember them to be. I want life to make sense the way it does in hindsight. But I’d settle for living in a Wes Anderson movie.

Now, this may not bother anyone else, but it irks me. Remember about 8 years ago when yoga pants infiltrated the fashion mainstream- off the runway, of course. They were suddenly everywhere and leading the market by a long stretch: Lululemon. A Canadian made, quality product designed to make everyone exercise sexy, even if they’d never been to the gym. Those butt bettering bottoms were expensive, but we bought them anyway. Fast forward to now and that price tag is all that remains of their former glory.

If you remember, a few months back there was a recall on a line of their pants on account of invisibility. I mean, the pants were transparent. And the differences don’t end there: the stitching itches and the fabric sags. The seams pull and the moisture won’t wick. And that stinks for me and makes me stink. Cuz I am finally using my lulus for their intended purpose and they are letting me down. I am also disappointed that most of their product line is no longer made in Canada. Designed in Canada, but made elsewhere. One of the justifications for their high price point was to support the cost of Canadian wages incurred through manufacturing…so what does that mean for us now? We should be seeing some price adjustment at consumer level soon…oh wait, the brush your teeth and breathe company isn’t doing that. It’s not in their best interest.

Well, nostalgic little me says: “Aww C’mon Man! Gimme a break.” The entire philosophy is backwards. How can a corporation go against all the principals it was founded on and maintain their market share? Companies shouldn’t change their business model after establishing it, especially if it’s all for the worst. And disclose it for crying out loud. It’s sad that we accept what we know as all there is to know. Don’t stop learning. Always live in the moment- be aware of the changes occurring around you. Nostalgia can be blinding, all those beautiful memories overshadowing what’s really going on. But at least with Lulu I can feel the difference, and it’s a cheap trick.

PS I am replacing my disintegrating lulus for One Tooth– a high quality Canadian made company.

If The Pants Fit

One thought on “If The Pants Fit

  1. R MoFo says:

    Most of the compression fabric industry is overseas sadly. There is a company called Craft that has a plant in Cambrdige(our local textiles of the past City, remember Tiger Brand?). One Tooth you say, Im in if they make mens stuff. I don’t wear workout gear elsewhere, and have a pair of Lulu compressions shorts. They fit/function well so far. Giddy up! RMF

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