What I Learned From The Man of Steel

As you may know, my Hubby is coo-coo for Big Blue. He’s idolizes the Kryptonian Boy Scout. The den I am sitting in right now is saturated with S’s. Big bright, yellow S’s that stand for hope. It’s no wonder he wanted to be among he first non-critics to take in all that intergalactic glory. So, late last night we went to the movies and I learned a couple of things.

1. It’s hard to beat up a guy who can punch you so hard you fly through walls.

2. Every planet has environmental issues that can be prevented

3. The Daily Planet is a super place to work, especially with their investigative journalism travel budget

4. Kevin Costner is an awesome Dad

5. I like Russell Crowe as a computer generated ghost

6. A 60% critic rating doesn’t speak as loudly as an auditorium full of fanboys and girls

7. Even people who love Superman can be dinks

8. Don’t throw candy at the movies

9. People still don’t understand the only rule at the movies; which is not to have their cellphones on during the movie. Sheesh- whatever it is, it can wait.

10. Superman is super-duper

11. A cape can’t disguise a sexy bottom

12. Henry Cavill looks great as a soaking wet castaway

13. Henry Cavill looks great lifting heavy things

14. Henry Cavill look great hugging Diane Lane

15. Henry Cavill*insert drool

16. If you’re Lois Lane, you will always have great hair

17. Hans Zimmer is a Mother-Drummer, but I miss John Williams

18. Being bred for a purpose is helpful in achieving that purpose

19. Doing the right thing can be the hardest thing you’ll ever do

20. Fear is the strongest manipulator

21. Alien doesn’t mean evil, it just means different

22. It’s never too late to fight for what you believe in

23. Superman fights for the world, not just America

24. We can’t hide who we truly are

25. The person you choose to become can change the world

26. Sometimes it’s hard to play nice, but it’s better than sacrificing your morals

27. Fighting won’t save you, if the planet is dying

28. The Phantom Zone CAN be a scary place

29. Henry Cavill is super…oh, wait did I say that? I may have been distracted by thinking how hot he is. He just is, okay?

30. Bravery is found among the ashes of adversity

31. Clark Kent ain’t too shabby either

Although this movie is still being weighed by the fan clubs and diehards, I found myself going along for the flight. It was exactly what I wanted in a Summer Blockbuster Hero flick. Explosions and fight scenes scattered through the origin story of the world’s first superhero. Who, by the way is at least half Canadian. Also, Henry Cavill, not Canadian, but that’s not what I want to hold against him;)

What I Learned From The Man of Steel

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