Spay Or Neuter Your Craft Drawers

My name is Melicious, and I am a crafter. I have always loved making something totally unique and special out of a pile of odds and ends. I glue, stitch and cauterize. My imagination running wild through fields of fancy things. I can transform anything into something special simply by combining it with unexpected counterparts. I grew up making every gift myself. I would dig into the craft drawer to pull out construction paper, glitter and popsicle sticks; fantasizing about all the great reactions this heartfelt gift would garner. The problem with crafts through is that they tend to breed.

I am a big fan of Bob Barker, and his words are burned into my conscience. Have your pets spayed or neutered…well, I have 2 happily spayed furry little ladies living with me, but I forgot to nip my pretty craft drawer before throwing in a lecherous glue gun. Needless to say, there’s glue everywhere and now I have a litter of craft supplies who need to go to good homes.

Hubby is as patient as he can be. He mentions my ever expanding piles only a billion times a day. And sometimes, he almost looks like he’s joking. I am actually surprised the Commish hasn’t made an appearance; demanding to be freed from the chains, beads and findings scattered and strewn through this Toronto condo. But I think he’s scared to make a real noise for fear of being targeted as a blank canvas ready for embelishing.

To be completely honest; the problem is crafts take time to dry and while I am waiting for that, I have time to start another craft…see how easily I can get myself into trouble? I mean, I am not the most resolute person to begin with. Combine that with the clear and present distraction of something shiny, and before I know it, I am off riding bikes. Leaving a path of total construction in my midsts. The crux, the problema and the kicker is that I can’t stop myself. I am hopelessly addicted to making the world a prettier place. Glue gun in hand I will face each dreary situation head on, ready to bejazzle the beegeebus out it. So, rest easy citizens; the Melicious Sparkler is on your side.

Spay Or Neuter Your Craft Drawers

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