Home For A Rest

Everyone was at the cottage this weekend…except everyone who wasn’t. This long weekend in the Big City we celebrated for 3 days straight… and if I was honest, the Thursday night too. Usually on long summer weekends Hubby and I revel in what I call ‘Deserted City’. Our overcrowded city hive of activity dwindles down to those coming to visit and those who can’t afford to leave. We, of course, fall into the latter category.

Typically, this weekend is reserved for Christmas in July. A family long weekend celebration at my aunt and uncle’s lakefront home. After last year’s realization the family has grown too much to be housed under one roof; we begrudgingly retired the event. Sigh. This is our first year without it…sad. So, instead we threw ourselves into our local celebrations.

It was a perfect weekend. The weather was mild but the sunshine was warm. The rain held off…mostly. We marched at Pride; screaming back at crowds of enthusiastic rabble-rouser as they shot super soakers. We savoured beer on patios and visited with everyone who stayed right where their heart is. Surprisingly, there was a tonne of folks who we’re taking the time off instead of spending it parked on the 400. And everyone was happily jammed into tight spaces filled with all the different holiday celebrations.

We watched fireworks on the beach, from the balcony and in the car. Fiery bursts lighting up the sky. The only reminder they existed is the smoke trail they leave behind. Side note: My Puppa-tinker is deathly afraid of the ricochet booms that come from all sides. Lowering herself to full court press power dash back towards home. But since it happens so rarely, it’s difficult to reinforce train her to be unafraid. Especially since there are only 5 holidays we really celebrate each year. So, as I write this she is tucked up under the desk between my feet. A sucky puppa-tinkeroo indeed.

So ladies n’ gents, I am happy to welcome you back home. And for those who never left, staycations are underrated, and can be exactly what you needed. I hope everyone found fun and fantasy in every aspect of their long weekend. Happy Belated Canada Day! I hope you find yourself rested and relaxed to start a short week at the office. Or in my case a short week of blogging;)

Home For A Rest

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