Then You Slam Into A Door

The saying goes, when one door closes, another opens. Well, in my case, when one bike is cycling, a door opens to be slammed into. Bang. Ouch. Sigh. After a productive, lucky and lively day, I was biking on air. As I was weaving through the dark streets of this 1 tower town, I saw my demise as a poorly parked car with oblivious occupants, open and welcome my momentum with a sudden stop. Now, being a cyclist in the city has always been perilous. Wrought with streetcar tracks and selfish drivers. But I knew that.

Now here I sit with ice upon my knee and a window shaped bruise forming on my upper arm. Even after hearing all the horror stories of cyclists more skilled than I, I was surprised by the lack of awareness of those people who share these city streets. Being a functioning member of our great big city, I know there are things beyond my control. But Sheesh. I was bruiseless for the very first time in memory. Now, I am stiff and sore and my basket is broken. My fun and functional basket that gets complimented on a regular basis, will be complimented no more. Unless someone really likes warped door-wounded wicker.
After having a splendid day with things going my way, this wasn’t how I saw it ending. I was on my merry way to write about my progress and optimism. Sometimes, it feels like the world gives you the tease of being your oyster, only to prove you have a shellfish allergy. I guess the real lessons here are:

1. There is no good without bad
2. Be happy you weren’t the one being doored
3. Watch out for 2006 Impalas

So, ladies and gents, it is with stiff knees and sore arms that I say, I am relieved it wasn’t worse. But it still stings. Also, make sure if you’re going to be hit by a car, you have the proper cycling equipment…which for me will now be a bubble wrap body suit. That doesn’t sound too bad. You might even say my outfit was popping…HA!…the pain killers must be kicking in. Love you, bike safe and watch your blind spot.

Then You Slam Into A Door

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