What Would You Do With A Magic Wand?

As a wee-princess in training, I was fascinated by those keepers of the magic; the fairies, fairy godmothers and wizards. The thought of having all that power at the tip of your wand. The amount of restraint needed to prevent a magical mis-step. Even as a little girl I knew being charged with such a responsibility wasn’t for me. Which stinks, cuz magic rocks.

Gosh, do people love magic. I love watching a magician, an illusionist, a snake oil salesman. I love the show. But I know folks who long to attend Hogwarts. They wish to enroll in spell casting, potions and dark arts defense class. I daydreamed about visiting the campus, but as a dragon or phoenix. Neverland was just up my alley. It was a magical place but that magic was controlled by Tink, the gatekeeper of the fairy dust. And to get any you had to ask politely. Very, very politely. As for Narnia and Mordor, they’re not magical by nature, it’s the magical inhabitants that make it so special. For me, it was never about making, controlling or harnessing magic, it was about experiencing something magical.

With that said, what would I do with a magic wand? First of all, I’m sure Hubby would insist it be a screen accurate replica of some famous wand. It would get a special ordered, commemorative stand. And I would only use it in case of emergencies. Eer, mostly emergencies. Which might include- fashion, financial and mental. But if I’m being honest, I would prolly use my wand to get me to where I need to be…on time. Side note: traveling by wand is great for long distances. Next, I would use it to clean up…my apartment, my act, my language. Maybe I’d even wand warp myself into magical creatures and have magical adventures. But honesty, I wouldn’t want to change anything, things seem pretty magical, with wand or without.

What Would You Do With A Magic Wand?

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