What I’d Do For A Friend Like You

Friendship isn’t a grey area for me, it’s pink:)

I consider myself a good friend to most and a great friend to few.

I think about you. I text you. I write to you, for you, about you.

I like you most days. And love you all days.

I want to laugh with you. And I laugh hardest when we’re together.

I want to watch your kids grow up. And be a part of their lives.

A friend is the family you choose. Lucky me, I chose to make my family my friends too.

When you’re sad and lonely I will dance a funny dance.

I will never hurt you, purposely.

I love that the internet has made our big bold world fit into my pocket; but I wish it would lower the cost of plane tickets.

I pinky swear, would jump in a cold lake if you dared me. Just don’t dare me.

I’ll try not to be jealous.

I like being able to pick friends without proximity affecting the equation.

I like that we listen to the same music.

I like that we squeal.

I will take care of you, if you need me to.

I might squawk, balk and bluster but you know I love you.

If I could fit it into my schedule, I’d see you everyday.

I like making stuff together. All kinds of weird and wonderful stuff.

But I admit- hugging is by far my favorite.

I am your friend, and there are very few things I wouldn’t do for you or with you. That’s what friendship is all about. And now that I’ve said all that- to all of you. Can we still be friends?

What I’d Do For A Friend Like You

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