The Starving Artist: Chapter 44:The Squat Challenge

When it comes to physical endeavors, I need to see results to continue. I know this about myself. I am impatient. The problem is that physical changes take more than one exer-session. I need something quick and dirty; hence- the Squat challenge. I saw it floating around Pinterest. A beautiful girl with a beautiful body, and a program. It was that simple. It’s 30 days of steadily increasing squat reps. And I am 19 days deep into a 30 day squat-fest.

After more than a thousand squats I am seeing results. I mean, GFF remarked that I may be looking svelte (also that the public was clamoring for a weigh in soon- which I acknowledge and will look into for next week). And I am feeling those fore mentioned results too. I feel those results going down stairs, peddling my bike and digging for pepper in the sand. I can feel those squats challenging me back. But feeling the burn must mean they’re working and I am working it. And it feels great! I mean great.

As I lie on the couch, showered, stretched and sore after a long and beautiful weekend, I am reminded that I am lucky to enjoy the challenge. That there are people who are satisfied without squatting. People who don’t like the strain of a challenge. But who likes those people anyways? I am only satisfied being challenged. I want the people around me to want a challenge too. I want to know that those I love aren’t willing to stop challenging themselves. It’s the journey, people. So, even though I am only choosing to squat an increasing amount of squats over 30 days, it’s a good place to start. At least it feels good and that ain’t squat.

The Starving Artist: Chapter 44:The Squat Challenge

One thought on “The Starving Artist: Chapter 44:The Squat Challenge

  1. RMF says:

    You rock those squats. One of the best fundamental exercises one can do, and the benefit/results are multi. Life gets better with squats!

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