TalkBack Tuesday Topics: City or Country Mouse

This TalkBack Tuesday’s Topics:

Does being from a small town make for a nicer person?

Do city dwellers feel a part of a community?

How many people (country or city) actually know their neighbors?

What’s the worst thing a neighbor do?

Can an uptown girl really fall for a downtown guy?

Please comment:) I love a healthy discourse.

TalkBack Tuesday Topics: City or Country Mouse

2 thoughts on “TalkBack Tuesday Topics: City or Country Mouse

  1. GFF says:

    This is just based on my experience, but I think city dwellers often create their own communities. Whether in the neighbourhood or through a group with a shared interest, it’s important to feel like you belong to something in a city that sometimes feels vast and impersonal.

    We’ve lived in our building for over a year now, and we’ve been promising to get together with our next door neighbours for about that long. So even though we literally live two feet from each other, we’ve never actually sat down and had a conversation longer than an elevator ride.

    Our upstairs neighbours have tomato plants on their balcony. I know this because once in awhile I find a random cherry tomato on our balcony. Which would be fine if they had a basin under the plants to collect the water. However, every time they water the plants, what isn’t absorbed in the soil goes through the plants and showers dirt and water onto our balcony. So our balcony railings and windows are always dirty. It’s not the worst thing that a neighbour could do, but it’s also not the most respectful. The worst thing a neighbour could do is probably break into your house and murder you in your sleep…

    1. Now, that’s what I call a TalkBack Tuesday:)

      I agree. I’ve lived in my building for over a year and have only seen my neighbor 5 times maybe.

      Mild worst thing? The time our neighbor’s bootie call drunkenly knocked on the door at 3am:$ But dirty balcony and murder beat that.

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