The Starving Artist: Chapter 47: When Size Matters

In a recent conversation my GFF reminded me ever so emphatically that I hadn’t weighted in, in months. Consider me rectifying that situation with this post. Now, I know that you’re all just dying to know where I fall on the spectrum. Well, let me give you a little more info, that may or may not interest you.

1.I completed the 30 day squat challenge, to amazing results.

2. I have fallen off the gym wagon in my effort to climb aboard the Burlesque wagon. Slipping from 4 times a week to 1- And my body is telling me that I need to get back on the pole.

3. People seeing me in my all-togethers is an excellent motivator to be more comfortable in my birthday suit. And if I could afford a custom made birthday suit I would pay through the nose.

1. I now fit into all my jeans. Even the dreaded skinny jeans that just a few months ago cutoff circulation to anything below my waistband.

2. My summer shorts are way too big for me, but all my fall clothes seem to be perfect. So far.

3. I am happy. Tired and overwhelmed and nervous and broke but happy.

So, since I started this endeavour (almost a year ago) I have made a big difference in my own life. I have become the change I want to see in the world. Or at least in myself. By measuring my progress I’ve been able to quantifying my advancement. And not to be sappy, but I am happy. I mean I am starting to get happy again. It’s amazing that I didn’t realize I had such a capacity to love myself. Especially since I didn’t notice how much I liked myself, which, to be totally honest, wasn’t a whole heck of a lot. It’s weird how much my life has changed and the things I miss…but as my Momma says: It all comes out in the wash. And now, I can wash and wear those skinny jeans.

Height 5’8 1/2″ I gained a half-inch and Hubby thinks it’s all neck
Weight 166.4 (+2.2 lbs)
Bust 37.25 (-.75″) whoo hoo! Yowza!
Natural waist 31.25 (-/+)
Hips 41.75(-.75″)
Arm flex r:13(-.5″) l:13(-.5″)
Arm rest r: 13 (-/+) l:13 (-/+)
Thigh standing r: 24.25 (-.5o”) l:24.25 (-.25″)

The Starving Artist: Chapter 47: When Size Matters

3 thoughts on “The Starving Artist: Chapter 47: When Size Matters

  1. GFF says:

    So proud of you, bella. In the year-ish that we’ve known each other, I feel like we have both grown a lot and gotten closer to becoming the people we want to be. Watching you pursue your new passion has definitely been an inspiration to me – well, that and the tarot card lady who told me to get my “stuff” together – so I am so glad to hear that you are happy.

    Looking forward to getting you back on the pole and for our next date night! Much love!

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