TalkBack Tuesday Topics: Friends VS Love And A Clown

It is a good thing today is TalkBack Tuesday, as I am having the hardest time focusing. My mind is going Blerg-nermal-sputter-plink-kaboom…if you know what I mean. Also ladies and gents, this will be a new format for TalkBack Tuesday, as I will be answering the questions I’m asking. So, without further adieu, today’s TalkBack Tuesday Topics.

Would You Rather:

Q1. Live in a remote cabin in the Yukon with your significant other


Live on a tropical island with platonic friends

A1. Okay, tough call. I am not fond of weather extremes. I like a moderate climate. I also consider myself a social person, so being isolated with only one person- no matter how compatible I am with my “soul-mate”, they’d probably drive me out into the cold. So, I think, I’d say hot place with tonnes of folks.

Q2. Have a soul-mate that all your friends hated


Be single forever with friends who all get along

A2. Aw geez, here we go again with the alone for love or surrounded by buddies. I think I’m gonna say friends again. Cuz I know my “soul-mate” would never want me to be lonely or ostracized. Also, a real friend would tolerate my soul-mate, even if he was an uber-jerk. Not happily of course, but that’s what friends are for…right?

Q3. Be married to the Burger King


Have a passionate fling with Ronald McDonald

A3. The Burger King is quiet, I mean I’ve never heard him, but his head is huge. Ronald is a white-faced clown, that grease paint would be everywhere. And chatty, boy oh boy, that clown’s voice is not so soothing. Don’t even get me started on his footwear. So, I think I’d marry the King. If only to find out why they call him the Whopper:)

So, tell me how you feel about soul-mates and solo-living. I’m eager to hear.

TalkBack Tuesday Topics: Friends VS Love And A Clown

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