It’s Like A Sickness

I am sick. Again. I am doped up to the eyeballs. And all I want to do is curl up in a ball under my desk and have a nap. My throat hurts, my sinus feel like they’re packed with steel wool and my itchy eyes are burning. It’s not awesome. As I sit at my day job, honking, sniffling and sore, I am reminded that I’m just suffering from a common cold. Hear that, Brain/Body. A COMMON cold. But right now it feels like an uncommon form of torture. I’m not a big pharmaceutical fan. I get foggy after taking an allergy pill. So, as the day has worn on, I have been trying to focus and write this blog. I’ve done writing exercises to stimulate my imagination- which has, but in more of a fever dream kinda way. I have brainstormed and pitched ideas, but they all seem to say the same thing, sadly that thing is in a language I can’t understand, let alone gesticulate. But here’s what I did catch.

Country music videos seem to all have the same directors.

Daytime television doesn’t make you feel better, unless you weren’t sure who your baby’s daddy is.

Conversations are best when both parties can hear them. As I am semi-deaf with head congestion, I don’t make for good company.

Even if you tell people you’re sick, they still want to shake your hand, which will only make you sick again.

I love Mel Brooks and Steve Martin. This is true even when I am not sick.

I don’t like to open my eyes underwater.

America’s Funniest Home Videos will never stop being funny. Cuz who would watch America’s Home Videos: a show about average people doing nothing funny like getting hit in the crotch, kids blowing snot bubbles and montages of people falling down.

Now, if these are confusing to you, imagine what my mindset must be to churn them out. So, I tried to write a blog. I really did, but ibuprofen had another idea entirely. And that idea was “ooohh let’s go to bed.”. So, I am about to crawl under my desk and set an alarm for when I can go home. Then Imma gonna get my sleep on.

It’s Like A Sickness

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