TalkBack Tuesday Topics: If You Could Live Forever

Today’s TalkBack Tuesday Topics are all about eternal life vs no life at all.

Q1. Would you rarther:
Live one 1,000-year life?
Live ten 100-year lives?

A1. Oh, a toughie to start off the day. Now, my addendum question is, if I choose to live 10 100’s do I remember them all? Am I able to hold all the memories I’ve made through those lives? If I can’t, I’m not sure I’d want to loose the first hundred for the next. But if my memory is new each time, all I could hope for was a great 100 at a time.

Q2. Would you rather:
Live alone for the rest of your days
Know that each person you loved would be gone within 2 years of meeting them

A2. I hear it’s better to have loved and lost, than to never have loved at all…But this seems like a cruel and unusual torture. Being alone forever or forever grieving the loss of all those you love. Er, I guess the better would be to stay alone, cuz how many heartaches can one heart stand? Not that many, I’m sure.

Q3. Boxers OR Briefs?

A3. For who? Under what pants? What does the day hold? These are important questions. I mean, I’m a high waisted brief gal, but I’ve never tried boxers. I guess it’s personal preference. But I prefer my Hubby in boxer brief- loose enough to keep a secret, but tight enough to remind there’s a secret to keep.

Please! Please! Please! Weigh in comment wise- and send me your questions. I love a good thinker.

TalkBack Tuesday Topics: If You Could Live Forever

One thought on “TalkBack Tuesday Topics: If You Could Live Forever

  1. GFF says:

    How would one age in the first option? If it is a natural aging process, I’m not sure I would want to live for 1,000 years. I feel like I wouldn’t be able to do much for those last 900 years.

    While it would be hard to constantly be losing people that you love, at least you would have a life full of love. It may not always been the same kind of love, but it would still be love. Otherwise, you wouldn’t feel any kind of love at all – and what kind of life is that?

    I’m with you on boxer-briefs – they do wonderful things for a man-behind (and a man-front). Personally, I’m partial to boxers around the house – great for lounging. But for daily wear, I’m a “less is more” kinda gal. 😉

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