TalkBack Tuesday Topics: Perception

Today’s TalkBack Topics are all about reality vs perception.

Q1. Would you rather
Lie about everything and have no one know
Be a thief and everyone would know

A1. Whoa, right off the hop, straight to the heart of the matter…It would be such a challenge to lie to everyone all the time. Part of me thinks you wouldn’t have many people to lie to after a very short time. But that doesn’t mean you can stop lying. But stealing on a regular basis breaks the same trust. So, my heart tells me, I’d be a thief…but Robin Hood style. That’s an option right? 😉

Q2. Would you rather
Have people believe that you have a Doomsday device but you don’t
Have one and nobody know

A2. I’d keep that secret. People often forget that just because you have something doesn’t mean you’re ever going to use it. Though the idea of where to store a doomsday device “safely” rises all sorts of other questions. And what an ego boost to know that you have the control to end it, even though there’d be nobody to gloat to after.

Q3. Would you rather rid the world of

A3. One is green and the other is sour. Both are contagious. They both stink. Plus I find that jealousy can cause bitterness and visa versa. I’d be happy either way. Literally.

Happy TalkBack Tuesday, folks. Got any questions for Ms Manners?

PS. Just so you know, this was a perfectly spelled entry. Perhaps my first- Take that proofreader Blamo!

TalkBack Tuesday Topics: Perception

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