You Are Not Alone, I Am Here With You

Have you ever had the feeling that you were all alone? That all those little things around you, you thought you could control, you can’t. Maybe your skin feels itchy and like it’s a size too big. Well, folks you’re not alone. In my daily life I meet new people all the time. I meet happy people, sad people, people with blue hair and the only thing that everyone has in common is that sometimes, they just don’t understand life. And sometimes they feel like they’re the only one in the whole wide world who feels that way. Or should I say sometimes “we” feel like “we’re” the only one.

Countless times I’ve heard, we’re born alone and die alone. That some men are islands. That needing anyone is a sign of weakness. Well, that’s stupid. What’s the point of there being 7 billion people on the earth if we’re supposed to be alone? I mean, that’s the dumbest, most illogical, non-sensical juxtaposition. We have people living on top of one another. There are houses filled with loved ones in every room. Restaurants and cafes stacked shoulder to shoulder. Streetcars, highways and go-trains jammed with people coming and going. And I’m a big fan of the theory; A stranger is just a friend you haven’t met. All you have to do is introduce yourself.

In recent days I’ve noticed stories of good deeds popping up all over the place. Anonymous folks buying coffee at the drive-thru for the car behind them. Strangers offering change to cover the missing difference at the grocery store. People are working together to build a community. Finally realizing that it really does take a village. It doesn’t take much to be a better person. It’s not just actually just a catchy slogan printed in tie dye, You actually can be the change you want to see in the world. So, when you’re feeling alone and blue my advice to you is to head out into the big wonderful world and get a hit of global love. Happy Thursday from one lonely soul to another.

You Are Not Alone, I Am Here With You

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