Thanks For Giving!

Believe it or not, I am not the best communicator, especially with real-life actual non-cyber emotional stuff. And this past weekend was supposed to be filled with giving thanks for all those amazing life amplifying things was no exception. But as everyone knows, holidays aren’t the most relaxing time and making a meal for 8 isn’t exactly stress-free. But it is a proven fact that by expressing gratitude, we all feel better. So, I thought what the heck, I’d give it a try.

This weekend, Hubby had to bring home the bacon. So, while I was eating turkey, stuffing and pumpkin everything he was working in the big city. I on the other hand escaped with my sweetest Puppa in tow, and headed down the highway, hoping for cozy comfort and a little slice of peace and quiet. Now, you should know that my folks have 2 dogs of their own: Reba the Big Lady and Oliver the Lil’Fella. Both Basset hounds, both filled to the gills with personality and both poo-bum stinkers through and through. So, just by adding my teeny Bean, I knew I could wave bye-bye to my peace and quiet. I walked them and snuggled them and petted them and kissed them. And honestly, there’s nothin better than wrapping yourself up in a pile of sleeping puppies; their snores vibrating through the springs of the sofa for extra added relaxation. Ahh, thank you doggies.

Well, that was the dogs taken care of, now on to my human folks. In an effort to be more giving, I volunteered to manicure my Papa B and Momma, massaging their hands and using one of my various talents to show them I care, cuz I’m just too darn tough to say it. It was my hope that I could also de-hair my brother, but he told me if I brought those Roddamn tweezers anywhere near him, I could stick’em, well, you get the picture. So, we talked and laughed and ate together- as adults. We snoozed and strolled and went to the museum and local vintage stores. I watched the leaves falling from trees and the stars circling above. I know it’s October, but somehow it feels more like Home; the way family is supposed to feel. Then I realized that I was relaxed and I was full of gratitude and turkey.

I am grateful for the time away. I am grateful for the love and the food. And though I’ve only been gone for 2 days, I know Hubby is missing the Bean. So, as I wrap a care package up to take home to my lonely Man of the House, I know I’m feeling a billion times more myself. And at least 10 times more grateful. So, I suppose it’s time to head on back down the highway. And after this long weekend of thankful time, I am well fed, well rested and covered in fur, which is a good thing cuz tonight I have to be a Gorilla, but that’s a story for another time.

For all those things and so many
more, I am grateful. There, now don’t we all feel better?

Thanks For Giving!

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