Getting Melicious

A long, well, semi-long time ago there lived a little girl in a town only famous for two things. Two things at the time I lived there, now it’s only famous for one. Though neither had anything to do with me…Growing up I loved unicorns. I still do. I am also a big fan of puppies, joking around and lazy Sundays. There are a few things about me that rock: I laugh, I cry, I live in Toronto, I am married, I love my Parents, I pole dance and hula hoop, plus I play the ukulele. Things about me that don’t rock: I am lazy, selfish, I over eat and I don’t tolerate dairy.

You should read my blog if you like first world problems from a middle class gal or if you’re bored. Either way, you should read it:)

In the process of transferring everything to a quote more professional forum unquote -Hubby but for now all my previous work in on this site.  Take a gander. And a goose, pig and goat while you’re at it.  The early years: – Melicious Manners

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