What Would You Do With A Magic Wand?

As a wee-princess in training, I was fascinated by those keepers of the magic; the fairies, fairy godmothers and wizards. The thought of having all that power at the tip of your wand. The amount of restraint needed to prevent a magical mis-step. Even as a little girl I knew being charged with such a responsibility wasn’t for me. Which stinks, cuz magic rocks.

Gosh, do people love magic. I love watching a magician, an illusionist, a snake oil salesman. I love the show. But I know folks who long to attend Hogwarts. They wish to enroll in spell casting, potions and dark arts defense class. I daydreamed about visiting the campus, but as a dragon or phoenix. Neverland was just up my alley. It was a magical place but that magic was controlled by Tink, the gatekeeper of the fairy dust. And to get any you had to ask politely. Very, very politely. As for Narnia and Mordor, they’re not magical by nature, it’s the magical inhabitants that make it so special. For me, it was never about making, controlling or harnessing magic, it was about experiencing something magical.

With that said, what would I do with a magic wand? First of all, I’m sure Hubby would insist it be a screen accurate replica of some famous wand. It would get a special ordered, commemorative stand. And I would only use it in case of emergencies. Eer, mostly emergencies. Which might include- fashion, financial and mental. But if I’m being honest, I would prolly use my wand to get me to where I need to be…on time. Side note: traveling by wand is great for long distances. Next, I would use it to clean up…my apartment, my act, my language. Maybe I’d even wand warp myself into magical creatures and have magical adventures. But honesty, I wouldn’t want to change anything, things seem pretty magical, with wand or without.

What Would You Do With A Magic Wand?

7 Years Of New Beginnings

Every 7 years we become a totally new person with the same fingerprints. That’s science.  At the molecular level we shed, grow and shift.  The changes are so small we can’t even feel them.  Allergies are gone. Habits have died. The new you is ripe for the taking.  This much change happening every single day is a perfect excuse to celebrate a new you: today.  Today may not be the day you get over your fear of heights, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be an important start into the journey towards the all-new-super-duper-better-than-you-ever-dreamt- you.

Today can be the start of something wonderful.  Today can be the day you start acting like a Superhero.  It can be the moment you choose to reveal the winner that’s been hiding under your secret identity.  Everyday you can start to begin again.  Do you suffer from the feeling of something not quite right with your universe? Change it.  Have you been putting off a decision that could alter the way the world sees you? Do it today.  It is time for a new beginning.  Begin it.

Even the lowliest of decisions can shift the journey you started on.  The greatest thing about beginnings is that they can be started even before the end of something else…maybe it was something that you shouldn’t have started, maybe it’s something you’ve procrastinated into more of a challenge than it actually is.  I want you to know, you have the power to change who, where and what you started into whatever you want.  People are living their happiest lives all around you; why shouldn’t you be one of them?  If it’s broke. Fix it…or simply start over.

Every peasant could be a Princess.  As long as the King has an open mind. Every super villain can change his ways.  The immense power you have inside will surprise you.  I know it can be scary.  I know it takes hard work and in some cases pain, but if it’s a change you’re willing to make, you should make it.  Choose to start happiness and end sadness.  Choose to be brave and bold.  Motivate yourself to end those nasty habits.  So, unless you’ve broken a mirror lately, your 7 years of bad luck are at an end.  Start being the person you want to be… of course, if it’s a pilot, take a few flying lessons before starting your own airline…And then start.

7 Years Of New Beginnings

What I Learned At Disney

After spending a week on vacation with my fellow dream believers and their parents, I was surprised and happy to feel at home. Spending time with these kids who hadn’t yet been soaking in the bitterness that saturates grown up lives, and they were happy to see a familiar face. We screamed and laughed and loved it, until we wore ourselves out and needed a funnel cake to feel better. It’s amazing what you can learn if you just listen, look and laugh.

Things I Learned At Disney:

1. Princesses have sparkles everywhere

2a. Disney Rainbows are the prettiest
2b. They are usually double rainbows
2c. Disney Rain isn’t as soggy, grumpy or sad as rain in the rest of the world

3. African Safari bridges are almost unrealistically rickety

4. It’s almost as if Nemo doesn’t want to be found

5. Animatronics can be cool or scary or funny. It depends when they were made

6. Haunted houses are best when there’s a thunderstorm, and always enter through the cemetery

7. Sometimes the line up is just as fun as the ride

8. Captain EO has not aged well, but MJ will always fight for a better world..er…galaxy.

9. Being an imagineer is the best job in the world

10. Walt Disney may not have been the nicest man, but he sure had great intentions

11. Commemorative pins are cooler than keychains

12. There are secrets everywhere, you just have to know what you’re looking for

13a. A smile goes a long way
13b. A song goes further

14a. Gary Sinise wants me for the space program. Phylicia Rashad wants me to study anthropology and Patrick Warburton wants me to work as a flight deck coordinator.
14b. They all seem alright with my lack of previous experience; which leads me to believe I could easily do all 3 in a day, without breaking a sweat.

15. Maps and timetables make methodical park planning possible.

16a. Always travel with a Momma Bear
16b. If you’re traveling with me, I got it covered
16c. Papa Bears not recommended at Disney- they eat their young

17. Scream, squeal and squirm- it’s supposed to be fun

18. Ask a Disney-fanatic what to do before planning your park visit, you’ll thank yourself and them later

19. Fastpasses rock!

20a. Comfy shoes are great
20b. Comfy waterproof shoes are better

21. Travel with people at level love or higher

22. Singing is a fun way to Zippidy-do-your day!

23. Stay calm. Stay clam. Stay clean.

24. Drinking fountains should always be slightly chilled

25. If the fireworks start, sit where you are and oh and ah until the lights come back on

26. It’s an adventure. It’s a dream come true. It’s a vacation!

Disney is delightful. I freaking love it. EL-Oh-Vee-EE- LOVE IT. And there you will learn so much about yourself and those around you. But mostly please learn: Be a good role model for those screaming twins who aren’t getting their way. Smile at the tired child in front of you in line. And dream and wish with all you heart. I promise that this is the last of my Disney diatribe; though I could live happily in the Magic Kingdom forever, I am much happier online with you.

What I Learned At Disney

The Starving Artist: Chapter 35: Disney State Of Mind


It all started with a mouse and a dream. It’s become a whole new world of characters in theatres, on DVD and locked in secret vaults; it’s a thrilling chase, a wondrous place. Cartoons and wishes. A place where toys come to life. Dreams come true. Where wishing on a star is standard fare. A Kingdom where following your heart is the rule, not the exception. With amusing parks across the world it’s a magical place. And it’s become a 36 billion dollar annually money making machine. Now, if that’s not inspiring for every artistic Princess, I don’t know what is.

The world is a better place at Disney. Parents hug sleepy sun-soaked sobbing babies. Toddlers trek miles to meet and greets. Kids weave through the streets of their wildest dreams. Twirling rides filled with Pretty Princesses dolled up and ready for adventure. Every one saying excuse me, please, thank you and screaming I Love You’s to fantastic visions riding in magical coaches. Even rude dudes soften when they are free to be the kid inside. I have loved Disney since forever. I love that whatever we dream can come true. Now, this past week was the first time I have gone as an adult. Things have stayed the same, but so many things have changed. And my largest concern is that nobody sings a song about how much work needs to go into making those wishes come true. There is no dance number dedicated to the countless hours and many imagineers pulling together to make one man’s dream a reality. A dream is the spark that starts a fire burning, but a spark alone does not a dream secure.

The Disney state of mind is like the Christmas spirit. We should try to keep that glimmering glow within us all through the year. But there is one teeny weeny problem. The dream vacation must end. Everyone must go back to their lives in the not so magical real world. The rules that Disney lives by are left behind. Those sweet pea parents going sour with the daily grind. The memories forgotten, except by their digital devices and social networks. Now, Disney morality is simple. Follow your heart, live your dreams and above all else Love. I know that sometimes life can get in the way of being the Princess we all have inside. But Disney teaches us all to try. While on vacation life is simple. It’s expensive, but it’s easy. Enjoy your life. And now back safe and sound, I find myself smiling, tanned and tired. It is with great pleasure that I send my application to Disney U out into the admissions office of the interweb. I am crossing my fingers for a position in the department of dreams and wishes. I would make an awesome fairy Godmother…once I grow up.

Thank you, Disney! Thank you, Walt! Thank you, wonderful dream that ended way too soon.

The Starving Artist: Chapter 35: Disney State Of Mind

Diznee Whold!

By the time you read this I will be midair, riding the jet streams to the happiest place on earth…or at least the happiest place in Florida! You know that I am dedicated to sharing my opinions with ya’ll but I haven’t had a vaca since I was 21…and I could use the R&R! Meaning Rapunzel and Rides! I am looking forward to walking my socks off in the wonderland of the south. The roller coasters might not be the tallest, fastest or newest…but I am looking forward to screaming with joy, terror and delight. It might be a couple days until you hear from me. But know I will be learning more about myself, the mouse and my inner princess. Just in time to share with you! Love you.

P.S. it’s Star Wars weekends…and my inner geek- she wields a mean light sabre

Diznee Whold!

Who Will You Choose To Be?

Each day we are offered opportunities to make a great first impression. At the bank, laundromat, grocery store, or gym, even in the dog park. These places are full of strangers who could easily become friends. Especially in a city, there are strangers everywhere. People who don’t know who they’re missing. And each person is a chance for us to prove that the person we are and the person we hope to be aren’t so very far apart.

Are you a Princess? Superhero? Jokester? When meeting strangers; Why not try a new positive outlook? See how a smile feels. Encourage yourself to be brave and bold. Strangers are an ideal test audience for new material. And if it doesn’t fly, you never have to see them again. Embarrassed only ’til you turn the corner; meet someone new and try again. Never be anyone but yourself. Fake accents are not recommended, unless you can pull it off long term. Each new encounter is ripe with possibilities. Who knows, you could find a super friend. Someone you never would’ve met if you had nothing in common. And if you’re together somewhere, then you have one thing in common.

Somedays, it’s hard to take my own advice. But there have been so many times this has worked out so well for me. I’ve met people of distinction in casual conversation. I have made surprisingly wicked friends. There have been lucky days and failed material, but I am gonna keep at it. Somehow, I would like to continue making new impressive impressions. Currently, I am hoping to make friends with my neighbor who loves jamming…as I also like to jam. But honestly, I can’t impress enough the importance of first, second, third and eventually fiftieth impressions. So today, why not try being the person you want to be? Cuz, if you make both feet your best, it’ll be easy to put them forward.

Who Will You Choose To Be?