What I Learned From The Man of Steel

As you may know, my Hubby is coo-coo for Big Blue. He’s idolizes the Kryptonian Boy Scout. The den I am sitting in right now is saturated with S’s. Big bright, yellow S’s that stand for hope. It’s no wonder he wanted to be among he first non-critics to take in all that intergalactic glory. So, late last night we went to the movies and I learned a couple of things.

1. It’s hard to beat up a guy who can punch you so hard you fly through walls.

2. Every planet has environmental issues that can be prevented

3. The Daily Planet is a super place to work, especially with their investigative journalism travel budget

4. Kevin Costner is an awesome Dad

5. I like Russell Crowe as a computer generated ghost

6. A 60% critic rating doesn’t speak as loudly as an auditorium full of fanboys and girls

7. Even people who love Superman can be dinks

8. Don’t throw candy at the movies

9. People still don’t understand the only rule at the movies; which is not to have their cellphones on during the movie. Sheesh- whatever it is, it can wait.

10. Superman is super-duper

11. A cape can’t disguise a sexy bottom

12. Henry Cavill looks great as a soaking wet castaway

13. Henry Cavill looks great lifting heavy things

14. Henry Cavill look great hugging Diane Lane

15. Henry Cavill*insert drool

16. If you’re Lois Lane, you will always have great hair

17. Hans Zimmer is a Mother-Drummer, but I miss John Williams

18. Being bred for a purpose is helpful in achieving that purpose

19. Doing the right thing can be the hardest thing you’ll ever do

20. Fear is the strongest manipulator

21. Alien doesn’t mean evil, it just means different

22. It’s never too late to fight for what you believe in

23. Superman fights for the world, not just America

24. We can’t hide who we truly are

25. The person you choose to become can change the world

26. Sometimes it’s hard to play nice, but it’s better than sacrificing your morals

27. Fighting won’t save you, if the planet is dying

28. The Phantom Zone CAN be a scary place

29. Henry Cavill is super…oh, wait did I say that? I may have been distracted by thinking how hot he is. He just is, okay?

30. Bravery is found among the ashes of adversity

31. Clark Kent ain’t too shabby either

Although this movie is still being weighed by the fan clubs and diehards, I found myself going along for the flight. It was exactly what I wanted in a Summer Blockbuster Hero flick. Explosions and fight scenes scattered through the origin story of the world’s first superhero. Who, by the way is at least half Canadian. Also, Henry Cavill, not Canadian, but that’s not what I want to hold against him;)

What I Learned From The Man of Steel

7 Years Of New Beginnings

Every 7 years we become a totally new person with the same fingerprints. That’s science.  At the molecular level we shed, grow and shift.  The changes are so small we can’t even feel them.  Allergies are gone. Habits have died. The new you is ripe for the taking.  This much change happening every single day is a perfect excuse to celebrate a new you: today.  Today may not be the day you get over your fear of heights, but that doesn’t mean it can’t be an important start into the journey towards the all-new-super-duper-better-than-you-ever-dreamt- you.

Today can be the start of something wonderful.  Today can be the day you start acting like a Superhero.  It can be the moment you choose to reveal the winner that’s been hiding under your secret identity.  Everyday you can start to begin again.  Do you suffer from the feeling of something not quite right with your universe? Change it.  Have you been putting off a decision that could alter the way the world sees you? Do it today.  It is time for a new beginning.  Begin it.

Even the lowliest of decisions can shift the journey you started on.  The greatest thing about beginnings is that they can be started even before the end of something else…maybe it was something that you shouldn’t have started, maybe it’s something you’ve procrastinated into more of a challenge than it actually is.  I want you to know, you have the power to change who, where and what you started into whatever you want.  People are living their happiest lives all around you; why shouldn’t you be one of them?  If it’s broke. Fix it…or simply start over.

Every peasant could be a Princess.  As long as the King has an open mind. Every super villain can change his ways.  The immense power you have inside will surprise you.  I know it can be scary.  I know it takes hard work and in some cases pain, but if it’s a change you’re willing to make, you should make it.  Choose to start happiness and end sadness.  Choose to be brave and bold.  Motivate yourself to end those nasty habits.  So, unless you’ve broken a mirror lately, your 7 years of bad luck are at an end.  Start being the person you want to be… of course, if it’s a pilot, take a few flying lessons before starting your own airline…And then start.

7 Years Of New Beginnings

Who Will You Choose To Be?

Each day we are offered opportunities to make a great first impression. At the bank, laundromat, grocery store, or gym, even in the dog park. These places are full of strangers who could easily become friends. Especially in a city, there are strangers everywhere. People who don’t know who they’re missing. And each person is a chance for us to prove that the person we are and the person we hope to be aren’t so very far apart.

Are you a Princess? Superhero? Jokester? When meeting strangers; Why not try a new positive outlook? See how a smile feels. Encourage yourself to be brave and bold. Strangers are an ideal test audience for new material. And if it doesn’t fly, you never have to see them again. Embarrassed only ’til you turn the corner; meet someone new and try again. Never be anyone but yourself. Fake accents are not recommended, unless you can pull it off long term. Each new encounter is ripe with possibilities. Who knows, you could find a super friend. Someone you never would’ve met if you had nothing in common. And if you’re together somewhere, then you have one thing in common.

Somedays, it’s hard to take my own advice. But there have been so many times this has worked out so well for me. I’ve met people of distinction in casual conversation. I have made surprisingly wicked friends. There have been lucky days and failed material, but I am gonna keep at it. Somehow, I would like to continue making new impressive impressions. Currently, I am hoping to make friends with my neighbor who loves jamming…as I also like to jam. But honestly, I can’t impress enough the importance of first, second, third and eventually fiftieth impressions. So today, why not try being the person you want to be? Cuz, if you make both feet your best, it’ll be easy to put them forward.

Who Will You Choose To Be?

Fright Night In Terror Town

Yesterday I was dragging. I was tired. My eye bags were more like steamer trunks. I could say I don’t do Mondays, but that’s not it. You might say it’s the gloomy gray weather, but that’s not it either. I know the reason. The silly, stupid thing preventing me from falling asleep Sunday night…oh that? Well, it was a mad case of the willies. The creeps. The jitters. My inner paranoid android taking control, transforming every muffled sound into imminent danger. I was a wreck.  So, I kept my racing brain, weary body and bad vibes company all.night.long.

Sometimes, I get the scareds. My over active imagination drags me into the dark corners of my brain. I have been quite honest about this short coming: My name is Melicious, and I am a super scaredy cat. I scream at almost everything. I am on the brink of tears as I claw the arm I am clutching so tightly through tunnels of terror. I cover my eyes through scary movies.  I am a wuss… if that’s still a word.  But here’s the problem; I look like the stereotypical “she screams, she dies” character.  Blonde, oblivious, unsuspecting with a great set of lungs.  While Hubby was at work, my mind started playing tricks. Last night’s jitters were instigated by a mildly creepy man with small hands trying to pet Jilly in the elevator. His small frame loomed over my nervous dog, as she cowered behind me..because she’s smart.  He then watched us get off on our floor, and as I walked down the hall I heard someone running in the stairwell. A sure sign that someone was pursuing me.  So, I tripped over myself trying to force my shaky hands to turn my front door key.  Slamming the door behind me, locking it and turning out the lights.  Breathing deeply, trying to catch my racing heart.  Well, that’s all I needed to worry myself sleepless.  I convinced myself I am a easy target, even in a jam packed Toronto condo building.

Alright, so I’m not as tough as I pretend to be. I am a Nervous Gertie; at least when I am alone. Mostly cuz I live by the slowest man principal. You know, I just have to be faster than the slowest guy, and that’s hard when you’re alone. So, I triple checked all the locks. Then I curled up under a blanket; hoping to camouflage myself into the sofa, just in case this small handed man should get in…this fur covered blanket would protect me.  As a late night last resort I called BFF so I had someone on the phone while I checked behind doors and inside closets. I even checked the shower for Swamp Thing, a common occurrence when I’m scared. Like I am the first person on Swamp Things to terrorize list. I see him waiting in my shower to pounce…er, swoosh? Sheesh.  Freaking her out by proxy, forcing her to check her closets and dark corner too, just in case.  And even though I knew we were safe, I still couldn’t sleep.  After 2nd lock check the only way that creepy looming little handed man could get in was an Xfiles way, and I have accepted my powerlessness against unexplained phenomenon. I knew I would be wrecked the next day.  But try telling that to a Nervous Gertie with a mean case of the jitters.  So, I resigned myself to fear and went to stare sleeplessly at the ceiling in my bedroom…with a cheese knife under my pillow. Though the two were unrelated.

I have been quite honest about my love/hate relationship with being scared. Check out: Bone Chilling October or I Watch Too Many Horror Movies, Way Too Many

Fright Night In Terror Town

Mirror, Mirror, My Old Frenemy

Sketch Show MirrorAfter yesterday’s blog comment I took Cathy’s advice. I sat in the bathroom, staring into the mirror, assuring myself that I was in fact validated. Then I was intrigued. Then I started making faces. Which of course spiralled down into a rough mish-mash of impersonations that even I have trouble identifying. Hubby’s Momma used to say the mirror was childhood-Hubby’s BFF. They would spend hours together getting the kiss curl just right. I on the other hand have always had trouble seriously looking at myself. The mirror is a tool that can be used for preservation and destruction; it’s all in how you see it.

The mirror taunts me for so many reasons. My whole family picks. We pick, prod, pluck and scratch…We especially love when things have a core. It’s like a beautifully printed invitation to a gruesome event, begging to be attended. With this background, it’s understandable that I may not be a big fan of seeing every bump, hair or pore. So, I avoid extreme close-ups and magnifying mirrors. Which by the way are the worst mirrors, they scream: This is how you would look as an ugly giant! Then there’s the gym. The entire wall is mirrors. I watch as a full length version of myself does awkward dance moves badly. Parts are faked and the rest is my muscle memory, which has long since forgotten everything. It is not my favourite show, but I think it’s at least getting more interesting to watch. And there’s way less anxiety that I am going to fall down, though that threat will always exist.

But that wasn’t my goal for today. My choice was to tell myself I was worthy of looking in this mirror and seeing the person I am. The girl others see. Pieces of a stereotype, Princess and Superhero. Glimpses of the Green Eyed Vixen and Wifey. I start to see the girl staring back at me; she looks smart and funny with a lop-sided smile. I should do my best for her. Of course, I could choose to be lazy, selfish and ignorant, but I don’t like the way those traits look. And if I have to stand the sight of myself, I better choose wisely. The mirror can’t lie. And as my impersonation of Danny DeVito tries to say: “All I know is the choices you make dictate the life you lead. “To thine own self be true.”” Okay, so it’s Danny and Billy, Shakespeare that is.

Mirror, Mirror, My Old Frenemy

Being My Own Boss Stinks

After an hour of looking at cute kitties and baby manatees, I thought I should get down to work. Work!*insert ironic laugh and head shake. I laugh because I’m self-employed, and most people think I eat bon-bons and lounge around in silk pyjamas all day. I work for myself, from home most of the time. I also have lofty goals, that aren’t work in the classic sense-as I do them for free-so far. But do you know what lofty goals demand…wait for it…work. Working for yourself is tough, cuz my boss sucks.

She’s either waging mental warfare or letting too many important things slide. She’s never at her desk when you need to ask a question, not that she’d know the answer anyway. She’s always calling after hours and perhaps a few drinks to talk about the most amazing ideas she just had. Tomorrow, however she won’t be interested in those fantastic concepts that just couldn’t wait last night. Oh, she’s a real peach. Being a freelance, self-employed, entrepreneur who would’ve thought I’d hate my boss so much. Hate is a strong word I know, but she sucks. Her time management skills are limited. She doesn’t know how long anything takes. Her negotiation skills are non-existant. She pays full price without even asking for a deal. As for corporate budgeting and payroll, sheesh, you’d think she’d learned math in french. Which she did, but c’mon. Oh, and when she doesn’t understand something and has to ask someone else for help…She makes the person helping her feel like a jerk. What’s that all about? Now, I am not sure how she landed this job, but it must’ve been a favour to someone.

I know it sounds like I’m being hard on myself. Which I am, I have impossibly high standards. But being a crappy boss-lady stinks. It wreaks to high heaven of inadequacy. Okay, maybe it’s just the slight scent of adequacy. I’ve always been tough to manage. I have a problem with people giving me orders. I think most people do things wrong. Plus, I don’t like doing things that aren’t fun, fulfilling and fancy, and most jobs are usually only of those things. After making the choice to be self-employed, I realized it wasn’t a choice so much as my destiny. I was destined to battle my evil inner boss. Two sides of the same evil coin. But I’ve got a few tricks up my sleeve. For the quarterly performance report I am going to mark her as Needs Improvement. Take that Boss-lady!

Being My Own Boss Stinks

Learning To Love Learning

If knowledge is power I am training to be a Superhero Princess. I have always been eager to learn. My love for music, movement and mental acuity driving my interests. Keen to absorb as much as possible. I love new shiny tidbits. Collecting and arranging information on topics weird and wild. Dropping informational bombs on unsuspecting conversation partners. When I heard that learning something new formed a wrinkle in your brain; I started practicing origami on my grey matter. It’s become an ongoing practice: learning to love learning.

My Papa B is a Jack of all trades. He knows a little bit about a lot of things. With a tool for every job. Hammering away at the nails of each problem. He’s also a know it all, mostly the good kind. We’re not competitive, we just like to win. Hey, PB, Where’d you think I get it? I used to be jealous of Hubby’s Super obsessions. How he Jonses for more. But most of his knowledge is limited to specifics universes, some of which are far far away. It used to irk me that BFF knew the strategy of winning. The formations and positions of defense. The stats behind the number. Colour coordinating her affections. Now, there are things that I’ve loved my whole life; baby animals, unicorns, baby unicorns and laughing. But none of these things encourage more than an aww or more laughter. When BFF and I decided to learn how to juggle, I knew we’d be evenly matched. Her body and my brain- we could be the most engaging jugglers of all time, we just needed to learn.

They say curiosity killed the cat, well that makes me happy to be a dog person. Sticking my nose into places it doesn’t belong. Rooting around for more knick knack knowledge. It’s not about being the smartest person in the room. It’s about being the most interesting conversationalist. It’s about being able to connect with the most people. I have yet to meet someone I couldn’t talk to. Like? Well, let’s not go nuts…but at least I’m trying. By trying I mean I am learning about dealing with difficult people- cuz there doesn’t seem to be a shortage of ’em…Lucky us;)

Learning To Love Learning