TalkBack Tuesday: C’mon People Now

I grew up in a small town in a time when people weren’t focused on a cellular device while being out and about. We held doors for each other and shared umbrellas in rain storms. Now, of course not everyone in a small town is a nice person, but sometimes in this big city, I feel lost in the hustle and bustle. Especially when all my brief encounters are with people who are so disconnected from the world around them.

Q1. Would you rather live in a small town where everyone knows your beeswax or in a big city where it’s tough to find a friendly face?

A1. I have found that if you look hard enough, even a big city can feel like a small town. Those who I’ve invested in, know my beeswax but I am still able to maintain a certain level of anonymity in the city. I’m also mature enough to know that just because someone knows your business, doesn’t mean they know you.

Q2. Would you rather invest in online relationships or live encounters with strangers?

A2. Ooooh, that’s a crap shoot. There are so many lost connections that the WWW has helped me rekindle the dying embers of those relationships, that wouldn’t be possible without the assistance of FB, Instagram and Twitter. But it is always fun to roll the dice with the strangers sharing your interests. The way I see it, you wouldn’t be where you are doing the same thing, at the same time, if you didn’t have similar interests. And that’s one thing you have in common, think of all the other things you might connect on. A stranger is just a friend you haven’t met.

Q3. Is it better to be alone and online or surrounded by people without?

A3. I love people. I love the instant gratification of the laughter and shared experiences. My Hubby and I try to put our phones away when we’re out in the world (as long as there’s no pressing work to be done, i.e.; this blog) and the first person to reach for their phone pays the bill. It can be a challenge but everyone who’s had to go without their social device for a few days knows, that by day 2, it’s liberating. Maybe it’s something I’ll encourage more of in the future.

I feel like I have been droning on and on lately about my love/hate relationship with the web. And that’s exactly what it is. A web of time sucking social encounters that can wait, but it just keeps sucking me in. I think of how productive I could be, if only I’d put my phone down. So, in the future you will find me here, there and everywhere, but no matter where I am, I will try and be present. And that’s my gift to you.

TalkBack Tuesday: C’mon People Now

TalkBack Tuesday: There Are Worse Things

The Grease soundtrack has been rolling around in my head for a few days now. So, I let that inspire today’s TalkBack Topic choice.

Q1. What are the worse things I could do?

A1. I’m not sure that Hubby would agree there are worse things I could do than go around with a boy or two. Though as a teenager in the 50’s I imagine the only thing worse would be to steal the captain of the wrestling squads heart after getting pinned to Becky, the head cheerleader.

Q2. Would I kiss and tell on my Summer Love?

A2. Are you kidding!?! 1950’s me would never kiss a strange boy. But, if I was in a love, summer love, than I might hold hands under the boardwalk. But no kissing until we’re going steady.

Q3. What if Grease really is the word?

A3. It’s got groove it’s got meaning
Grease is the time, is the place is the motion. Grease is the way we are feeling. But honestly I can’t decide between grease and bird. They’re both good words.

TalkBack Tuesday: There Are Worse Things

TalkBack Tuesday Topics: Early Retirement

In the last few days I’ve been working my Joe-Job, which is great finance-wise, but not too awesome creative/love/emotion-wise. You know, so it got me thinking about working harder vs working smarter…And stuff like that. As always feel free to weigh in, in the comment space provided below.

Would you rather:
Work 5 days a week for 10 hours a day for the next 20 years and then retire comfortably
Work 7 days a week for 20 hours a day for the next 5 years and retire a millionaire

As a fan of ‘let’s get this over with mentality’ my instinct is to say work solidly for the next 5 years, especially if I get to come out a millionaire. But I do love a lazy Sunday. Though being a retired millionaire before my 40th birthday is very tempting. So, lets go fast and hard. Then lazy Sunday everyday!

Would you rather:
Never walk again but have everything you’ve ever wanted
Dance everyday until your death but always struggle to make ends meet

Um the problem with this is that if I can’t dance, I’d never have everything I wanted. Life will always be challenging but sometimes a little bit of dancing goes a long way.

Would you rather:
Have to carry around 100 more pounds but happy with your job
Be almost weightless but hate every minute of your job

I don’t want to work that hard to be happy…can you imagine carrying around all that extra poundage? Yuck. By expending all that extra effort, it might actually make me sad. But the idea of hating work while floating through life, isn’t too shabby. I could do that, unless it’s a 9-5 job, 5 days a week. Then let me carry the weigh at my freelance 3 days on 4 days off job.

TalkBack Tuesday Topics: Early Retirement

TalkBack Tuesday Topics: Perception

Today’s TalkBack Topics are all about reality vs perception.

Q1. Would you rather
Lie about everything and have no one know
Be a thief and everyone would know

A1. Whoa, right off the hop, straight to the heart of the matter…It would be such a challenge to lie to everyone all the time. Part of me thinks you wouldn’t have many people to lie to after a very short time. But that doesn’t mean you can stop lying. But stealing on a regular basis breaks the same trust. So, my heart tells me, I’d be a thief…but Robin Hood style. That’s an option right? 😉

Q2. Would you rather
Have people believe that you have a Doomsday device but you don’t
Have one and nobody know

A2. I’d keep that secret. People often forget that just because you have something doesn’t mean you’re ever going to use it. Though the idea of where to store a doomsday device “safely” rises all sorts of other questions. And what an ego boost to know that you have the control to end it, even though there’d be nobody to gloat to after.

Q3. Would you rather rid the world of

A3. One is green and the other is sour. Both are contagious. They both stink. Plus I find that jealousy can cause bitterness and visa versa. I’d be happy either way. Literally.

Happy TalkBack Tuesday, folks. Got any questions for Ms Manners?

PS. Just so you know, this was a perfectly spelled entry. Perhaps my first- Take that proofreader Blamo!

TalkBack Tuesday Topics: Perception

TalkBack Tuesday Topics: If You Could Live Forever

Today’s TalkBack Tuesday Topics are all about eternal life vs no life at all.

Q1. Would you rarther:
Live one 1,000-year life?
Live ten 100-year lives?

A1. Oh, a toughie to start off the day. Now, my addendum question is, if I choose to live 10 100’s do I remember them all? Am I able to hold all the memories I’ve made through those lives? If I can’t, I’m not sure I’d want to loose the first hundred for the next. But if my memory is new each time, all I could hope for was a great 100 at a time.

Q2. Would you rather:
Live alone for the rest of your days
Know that each person you loved would be gone within 2 years of meeting them

A2. I hear it’s better to have loved and lost, than to never have loved at all…But this seems like a cruel and unusual torture. Being alone forever or forever grieving the loss of all those you love. Er, I guess the better would be to stay alone, cuz how many heartaches can one heart stand? Not that many, I’m sure.

Q3. Boxers OR Briefs?

A3. For who? Under what pants? What does the day hold? These are important questions. I mean, I’m a high waisted brief gal, but I’ve never tried boxers. I guess it’s personal preference. But I prefer my Hubby in boxer brief- loose enough to keep a secret, but tight enough to remind there’s a secret to keep.

Please! Please! Please! Weigh in comment wise- and send me your questions. I love a good thinker.

TalkBack Tuesday Topics: If You Could Live Forever

TalkBack Tuesday Topics: Friends VS Love And A Clown

It is a good thing today is TalkBack Tuesday, as I am having the hardest time focusing. My mind is going Blerg-nermal-sputter-plink-kaboom…if you know what I mean. Also ladies and gents, this will be a new format for TalkBack Tuesday, as I will be answering the questions I’m asking. So, without further adieu, today’s TalkBack Tuesday Topics.

Would You Rather:

Q1. Live in a remote cabin in the Yukon with your significant other


Live on a tropical island with platonic friends

A1. Okay, tough call. I am not fond of weather extremes. I like a moderate climate. I also consider myself a social person, so being isolated with only one person- no matter how compatible I am with my “soul-mate”, they’d probably drive me out into the cold. So, I think, I’d say hot place with tonnes of folks.

Q2. Have a soul-mate that all your friends hated


Be single forever with friends who all get along

A2. Aw geez, here we go again with the alone for love or surrounded by buddies. I think I’m gonna say friends again. Cuz I know my “soul-mate” would never want me to be lonely or ostracized. Also, a real friend would tolerate my soul-mate, even if he was an uber-jerk. Not happily of course, but that’s what friends are for…right?

Q3. Be married to the Burger King


Have a passionate fling with Ronald McDonald

A3. The Burger King is quiet, I mean I’ve never heard him, but his head is huge. Ronald is a white-faced clown, that grease paint would be everywhere. And chatty, boy oh boy, that clown’s voice is not so soothing. Don’t even get me started on his footwear. So, I think I’d marry the King. If only to find out why they call him the Whopper:)

So, tell me how you feel about soul-mates and solo-living. I’m eager to hear.

TalkBack Tuesday Topics: Friends VS Love And A Clown

TalkBack Tuesday Topics: Would You Rather

Would you rather…is a game played by all sorts of folks looking to push the boundaries. Personally, I like the game. I love trying to figure out the better of both evils. And usually all options are evil. Just plain evil. So, here we go:

Would you rather..
a) Have the ability to communicate with ghosts?
b) have just have the ability to communicate with aliens?

Would you rather…
a) Eat chocolate-flavored poop?
b) Eat poop-flavored chocolate?

You’re on a desert island with a beautiful woman or man. Would you rather…
a) They are top-half fish?
b) They are bottom-half fish?

Tough questions. But I expect you folks to put yourselves to the test:) or would you rather do something else?

TalkBack Tuesday Topics: Would You Rather