The Modern Emily Post

Ladies and gentlemen, it is with distinct pleasure that I announce I am 1 final exam away from finally being qualified to tell you what to do;organization wise. Now, now, I know you’re not as excited as I am. But I want you to know, you’re on the ground floor of what could be a very good thing. In all the text books I’ve been consuming, one thing stuck out: There is no organizational expert for the modern maiden, or man. With chapters dedicated to video cassette organization and paper catalogues, I think I’ve struck upon my niche. Or perhaps, it’s struck upon me. I will be able to create streamlined systems for the tech we have and the clouds we depend on. I will also be capable of parring down your clutter and building new habits and routines. Which will save you time, energy and lead you toward living the life you want. So, as I sit down to take the test that will seal my organizational fate, I’m revved up and ready to become the Modern Emily Post. And I will Post, right here;)

The Modern Emily Post

The Starving Artist: Chapter 44:The Squat Challenge

When it comes to physical endeavors, I need to see results to continue. I know this about myself. I am impatient. The problem is that physical changes take more than one exer-session. I need something quick and dirty; hence- the Squat challenge. I saw it floating around Pinterest. A beautiful girl with a beautiful body, and a program. It was that simple. It’s 30 days of steadily increasing squat reps. And I am 19 days deep into a 30 day squat-fest.

After more than a thousand squats I am seeing results. I mean, GFF remarked that I may be looking svelte (also that the public was clamoring for a weigh in soon- which I acknowledge and will look into for next week). And I am feeling those fore mentioned results too. I feel those results going down stairs, peddling my bike and digging for pepper in the sand. I can feel those squats challenging me back. But feeling the burn must mean they’re working and I am working it. And it feels great! I mean great.

As I lie on the couch, showered, stretched and sore after a long and beautiful weekend, I am reminded that I am lucky to enjoy the challenge. That there are people who are satisfied without squatting. People who don’t like the strain of a challenge. But who likes those people anyways? I am only satisfied being challenged. I want the people around me to want a challenge too. I want to know that those I love aren’t willing to stop challenging themselves. It’s the journey, people. So, even though I am only choosing to squat an increasing amount of squats over 30 days, it’s a good place to start. At least it feels good and that ain’t squat.

The Starving Artist: Chapter 44:The Squat Challenge

Home For A Rest

Everyone was at the cottage this weekend…except everyone who wasn’t. This long weekend in the Big City we celebrated for 3 days straight… and if I was honest, the Thursday night too. Usually on long summer weekends Hubby and I revel in what I call ‘Deserted City’. Our overcrowded city hive of activity dwindles down to those coming to visit and those who can’t afford to leave. We, of course, fall into the latter category.

Typically, this weekend is reserved for Christmas in July. A family long weekend celebration at my aunt and uncle’s lakefront home. After last year’s realization the family has grown too much to be housed under one roof; we begrudgingly retired the event. Sigh. This is our first year without it…sad. So, instead we threw ourselves into our local celebrations.

It was a perfect weekend. The weather was mild but the sunshine was warm. The rain held off…mostly. We marched at Pride; screaming back at crowds of enthusiastic rabble-rouser as they shot super soakers. We savoured beer on patios and visited with everyone who stayed right where their heart is. Surprisingly, there was a tonne of folks who we’re taking the time off instead of spending it parked on the 400. And everyone was happily jammed into tight spaces filled with all the different holiday celebrations.

We watched fireworks on the beach, from the balcony and in the car. Fiery bursts lighting up the sky. The only reminder they existed is the smoke trail they leave behind. Side note: My Puppa-tinker is deathly afraid of the ricochet booms that come from all sides. Lowering herself to full court press power dash back towards home. But since it happens so rarely, it’s difficult to reinforce train her to be unafraid. Especially since there are only 5 holidays we really celebrate each year. So, as I write this she is tucked up under the desk between my feet. A sucky puppa-tinkeroo indeed.

So ladies n’ gents, I am happy to welcome you back home. And for those who never left, staycations are underrated, and can be exactly what you needed. I hope everyone found fun and fantasy in every aspect of their long weekend. Happy Belated Canada Day! I hope you find yourself rested and relaxed to start a short week at the office. Or in my case a short week of blogging;)

Home For A Rest

Things I Learned From Kids

My Momma is a fan of saying; you know you’ll always be my baby, no matter how old you get. And big or small, every person is somebody’s baby. But the little ones, gosh dang it, well they are just the cutest. And lately there has been a rash on giggling baby videos, you know the ones with kids laughing that way that only little kids can laugh. That special whole body laughter we loose as we grow up. So, I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled for the local youngsters… not in the creepy way that sounds. But here are a few things I learned.

1. Rubber boots should be yellow

2. Yelling doesn’t mean you get your way; but it does get you attention from strangers

3. Energy and chocolate are not directly related, but they collide explosively

4. Not getting your way may cause tantrums

5. Noticing birds and alerting other people is a great way to remind them to slow down

6. Never walk anywhere if you can be pushed in a chariot with sun shade

7. Always carry a snack

8. Even if all you’re doing is wiggling, it’s still better than standing still

9. Invitations from friends are exciting

10. Birthdays!

11. Groups activities are more fun than solo ones; except the swings

12. Your dog really is your best-friend

13. Riddles and jokes can be hours of fun

14. Time is so slow, until you want it to last forever

15. Napping is worth the effort

16. Memorization is kinda fun when you have friends who all remember the same thing

17. Everything is cool

18. Mommas are wonderful, at least most of the time.

19. Mud pies should not be served by hand

20. Springtime makes you want to go outside

21. Games should be played, oh yeah.

22. Look at the world through new eyes

23. Bitterness doesn’t exist everywhere

24. Please and thank you are magic words

25. You should always clean behind your ears

26. If you loose your gum, it’s probably in your hair

27. There is love all around

28. A new place holds new adventures

29. Excitement for everyday is possible

30. You must do what Simon says

Okay, so some of those things I learnt when I was a kid, but it took me to watch it again to remember them. There is something so special about spending time with tiny little people. They trust, honestly and truly they do. They play and squeal and squirm. And they remind me how we should behave. Like teeny tiny lovable brats.

Things I Learned From Kids