I Fished My Wish!

I know, I know it’s TalkBack Tuesday, but I took yesterday off for my Birthday weekend celebration wrap up. If you know me, then you know I have troubles surrounding my Bday- which of course stem from mild childhood disappointments exaggerated over time blah blah blah first world problems. And if you remember last year was a disappointment; as the Commish was in attendance in all his pleasure wrecking glory. But I pledged that this year was gonna be better and it was; here’s why.

1. I was specific about what I wanted to do and who I wanted to do it with.

2. I asked for my a few of my wanted-needs. Those things I feel weird buying myself and avoid doing because deep down I’m a cheapo.

3. There was no pressure. It was planned spontaneity. Which is my favourite.

4. I performed, which is my first love. And though it’s ‘work’ it’s something I’d like to do a lot more of…even on my birthday.

5. The Commish was banned from all birthday proceedings. Yeah he was! And thankfully he kept his distance.

6. I am happier in my everyday life than I have ever been. Which is amplified by special occasions…which bodes very well for the upcoming holiday season.

I guess what I wanted to say to all those FB messages, the strangers who sent over bday shots and my many social circles was- ‘Good job, folks! That’s a wrap on Project Bday 2013.’
Special shout outs go to my Hubby who spoiled me, BFF who bookended the weekend nicely, GFF and my on the road Showgirls. You know, I’m starting to think this whole Birthday thing should be a yearly tradition. Though I’m willing to try it quarterly. ❤

I Fished My Wish!

Thanks For Giving!

Believe it or not, I am not the best communicator, especially with real-life actual non-cyber emotional stuff. And this past weekend was supposed to be filled with giving thanks for all those amazing life amplifying things was no exception. But as everyone knows, holidays aren’t the most relaxing time and making a meal for 8 isn’t exactly stress-free. But it is a proven fact that by expressing gratitude, we all feel better. So, I thought what the heck, I’d give it a try.

This weekend, Hubby had to bring home the bacon. So, while I was eating turkey, stuffing and pumpkin everything he was working in the big city. I on the other hand escaped with my sweetest Puppa in tow, and headed down the highway, hoping for cozy comfort and a little slice of peace and quiet. Now, you should know that my folks have 2 dogs of their own: Reba the Big Lady and Oliver the Lil’Fella. Both Basset hounds, both filled to the gills with personality and both poo-bum stinkers through and through. So, just by adding my teeny Bean, I knew I could wave bye-bye to my peace and quiet. I walked them and snuggled them and petted them and kissed them. And honestly, there’s nothin better than wrapping yourself up in a pile of sleeping puppies; their snores vibrating through the springs of the sofa for extra added relaxation. Ahh, thank you doggies.

Well, that was the dogs taken care of, now on to my human folks. In an effort to be more giving, I volunteered to manicure my Papa B and Momma, massaging their hands and using one of my various talents to show them I care, cuz I’m just too darn tough to say it. It was my hope that I could also de-hair my brother, but he told me if I brought those Roddamn tweezers anywhere near him, I could stick’em, well, you get the picture. So, we talked and laughed and ate together- as adults. We snoozed and strolled and went to the museum and local vintage stores. I watched the leaves falling from trees and the stars circling above. I know it’s October, but somehow it feels more like Home; the way family is supposed to feel. Then I realized that I was relaxed and I was full of gratitude and turkey.

I am grateful for the time away. I am grateful for the love and the food. And though I’ve only been gone for 2 days, I know Hubby is missing the Bean. So, as I wrap a care package up to take home to my lonely Man of the House, I know I’m feeling a billion times more myself. And at least 10 times more grateful. So, I suppose it’s time to head on back down the highway. And after this long weekend of thankful time, I am well fed, well rested and covered in fur, which is a good thing cuz tonight I have to be a Gorilla, but that’s a story for another time.

For all those things and so many
more, I am grateful. There, now don’t we all feel better?

Thanks For Giving!

The Starving Artist: Chapter 50: Kick, Stretch & Kick, I’m 50

Wowsa, can you believe I’ve written over 50 chapters of the Starving Artist? I mean, I can barely recall a Monday without serious cyber reflection. Now, not all of these entries have been deep or even meaningful, but they’ve all been a slice of me. And a benefit of sharing myself I have been about to shed unwanted weight, both physically and emotionally. This blog has become somewhat of a dumping ground for my overactive and cluttered brain. A healthy and hyperspace form of nearly free therapy. But the part I’m most surprised by is how much I’ve learned about myself and how much happier I’ve become.

In the past, I’ve found it hard to celebrate the little wins. I glean over them onto the next without pausing to think about how things have changed. Speaking of celebration, I am 20 days away from another milestone, my birthday. For some people getting older is tough. It’s as though they see life as a hallway with doors closing as they walk past. A journey with fewer and fewer detours. They treat life like the tedious daily grind it can be. As though each day is just another brick in the wall. The shuffle of tired feet and the shuffling of papers. A sad and sorry state of affairs if you ask me. I’ve always considered myself an optimism expert with a dark side. But in these last few months I’ve been feeling evermore that life is a tisket, a tasket, a little yellow basket. And this basket can hold as much life as I can carry; and with all the exercise I’ve been doing lately, I’m pretty strong.

Over the past 50 Mondays my life has changed and rearranged and continues to shape shift. As though my journey is aimed in the general direction of happiness, but the ocean of life keeps tossing me to and fro. Though if you know me, you know even stormy weather has a silver lining. The biggest secret I am busting to share though is: Even in a sea of trouble you can sail on a boat named Happiness. It’s all about how you read the maps. And today’s maps read like Thank you cards. There are so many things to be thankful for, and I am thankful for most of them. I am thankful that I’ve stuck to my guns. I am thankful that I am creating art again. I am thankful to be back in the work saddle again. I am thankful for dreary Sundays I can fill up with knick-knack nuggets that needed my attention. I am thankful for a Hubby who wears my gloves. I am thankful for my inspiring BFF. I am happy to feel at home. And I am happy to be 50, without looking a day over 32…for at least 20 more days.

The Starving Artist: Chapter 50: Kick, Stretch & Kick, I’m 50

TalkBack Tuesday Topics: Friends VS Love And A Clown

It is a good thing today is TalkBack Tuesday, as I am having the hardest time focusing. My mind is going Blerg-nermal-sputter-plink-kaboom…if you know what I mean. Also ladies and gents, this will be a new format for TalkBack Tuesday, as I will be answering the questions I’m asking. So, without further adieu, today’s TalkBack Tuesday Topics.

Would You Rather:

Q1. Live in a remote cabin in the Yukon with your significant other


Live on a tropical island with platonic friends

A1. Okay, tough call. I am not fond of weather extremes. I like a moderate climate. I also consider myself a social person, so being isolated with only one person- no matter how compatible I am with my “soul-mate”, they’d probably drive me out into the cold. So, I think, I’d say hot place with tonnes of folks.

Q2. Have a soul-mate that all your friends hated


Be single forever with friends who all get along

A2. Aw geez, here we go again with the alone for love or surrounded by buddies. I think I’m gonna say friends again. Cuz I know my “soul-mate” would never want me to be lonely or ostracized. Also, a real friend would tolerate my soul-mate, even if he was an uber-jerk. Not happily of course, but that’s what friends are for…right?

Q3. Be married to the Burger King


Have a passionate fling with Ronald McDonald

A3. The Burger King is quiet, I mean I’ve never heard him, but his head is huge. Ronald is a white-faced clown, that grease paint would be everywhere. And chatty, boy oh boy, that clown’s voice is not so soothing. Don’t even get me started on his footwear. So, I think I’d marry the King. If only to find out why they call him the Whopper:)

So, tell me how you feel about soul-mates and solo-living. I’m eager to hear.

TalkBack Tuesday Topics: Friends VS Love And A Clown

The Starving Artist: Chapter 38: Hey Ho, Daddio

20130617-070849.jpgFather’s Day is the second Sunday in June. It’s a special day to celebrate your dad and all of the things you’ve done together and all the fun you’ve had together and all that Daddy-Daughter (&/or Son) stuff that makes your relationship special. Oh and let’s not forget all those lessons on how to be a good person. As a little girl, Daddy is the reason your airplane flies. He’s the strong hand holding yours as you cross the street. He’s the silly tickle monster who has you laughing ’til you cry. Then he grows into a mentor, a leader and a friend.

Dads are a special breed. They putter around garages for hours listening to oldies and tinkering with knicks and knacks. He’s that smiley guy riding his lawnmower. The riding lawn mower he waited to buy until his kids had moved out and no longer cut the lawn as part of their chores. Dad is the guy in the hat. His nose is always sunburned, no matter how often you remind him to put on sunscreen. He’s had the same bathing suit for as long as you can remember. He smells like a dad. Like fresh-cut wood and outside. He takes his favourite Big Lady on special trips to the dump. Her ears flapping out the window the whole drive. There’s always room in his vehicle to pick you up.

He’s the guy who picked you up when your bike wiped out. He’s the guy who told you all those school boys are stupid for not seeing how great you are…or at least are going to be…when you’re a little older. He’s the guy who gives people nicknames. People expect him to make them laugh. And he doesn’t let them down. Dad is the person who taught me how to make others laugh. He also taught me how to recognize they wanted to laugh. And how to steal a joke. He is also the guy who taught me how to put on a brave face. He loves his dogs. He loves to organize. Everything fitting nicely into it’s place. Allotted into its appropriate container, sorted onto it’s shelf and easily accessible. He can McGiver nearly anything with a pen spring and stick of gum.

Dads are superheroes and princes. They are the boss. Dads worry they could’ve given you more. Dads want us to be happy. They want us to be safe. They want us to call more often. I sure am happy there’s a holiday excuse to celebrate together smack in the tail end of springtime, neatly pinned between Easter and Thanksgiving. Family visits growing from Birthdays and Christmas, to include Father’s Day is a happy bonus. Giving me a much-needed reminder to celebrate more often. So, this past weekend, I did just that; I celebrated my Papa B. I also celebrated Bobby Steel, my other Father. On behalf of this blog, I hereby deem this a new Father’s Day tradition: Riding down the highway and catching a couple of giggles together. Plus, it’s kinda nice to remind Dad of what a great job he’s done with me…at least from what I can see.

The Starving Artist: Chapter 38: Hey Ho, Daddio

What I Learned From The Man of Steel

As you may know, my Hubby is coo-coo for Big Blue. He’s idolizes the Kryptonian Boy Scout. The den I am sitting in right now is saturated with S’s. Big bright, yellow S’s that stand for hope. It’s no wonder he wanted to be among he first non-critics to take in all that intergalactic glory. So, late last night we went to the movies and I learned a couple of things.

1. It’s hard to beat up a guy who can punch you so hard you fly through walls.

2. Every planet has environmental issues that can be prevented

3. The Daily Planet is a super place to work, especially with their investigative journalism travel budget

4. Kevin Costner is an awesome Dad

5. I like Russell Crowe as a computer generated ghost

6. A 60% critic rating doesn’t speak as loudly as an auditorium full of fanboys and girls

7. Even people who love Superman can be dinks

8. Don’t throw candy at the movies

9. People still don’t understand the only rule at the movies; which is not to have their cellphones on during the movie. Sheesh- whatever it is, it can wait.

10. Superman is super-duper

11. A cape can’t disguise a sexy bottom

12. Henry Cavill looks great as a soaking wet castaway

13. Henry Cavill looks great lifting heavy things

14. Henry Cavill look great hugging Diane Lane

15. Henry Cavill*insert drool

16. If you’re Lois Lane, you will always have great hair

17. Hans Zimmer is a Mother-Drummer, but I miss John Williams

18. Being bred for a purpose is helpful in achieving that purpose

19. Doing the right thing can be the hardest thing you’ll ever do

20. Fear is the strongest manipulator

21. Alien doesn’t mean evil, it just means different

22. It’s never too late to fight for what you believe in

23. Superman fights for the world, not just America

24. We can’t hide who we truly are

25. The person you choose to become can change the world

26. Sometimes it’s hard to play nice, but it’s better than sacrificing your morals

27. Fighting won’t save you, if the planet is dying

28. The Phantom Zone CAN be a scary place

29. Henry Cavill is super…oh, wait did I say that? I may have been distracted by thinking how hot he is. He just is, okay?

30. Bravery is found among the ashes of adversity

31. Clark Kent ain’t too shabby either

Although this movie is still being weighed by the fan clubs and diehards, I found myself going along for the flight. It was exactly what I wanted in a Summer Blockbuster Hero flick. Explosions and fight scenes scattered through the origin story of the world’s first superhero. Who, by the way is at least half Canadian. Also, Henry Cavill, not Canadian, but that’s not what I want to hold against him;)

What I Learned From The Man of Steel

All We Need Is Love, So Share It Bro

Have I told you lately that I loved you? Have I told you how much I really care? Can’t you tell by looking at me? I am bursting with love! Love. Love. Love. Love is all you need. Well, love and all those things imperative to stay alive like water and Netflix. Love is a gift best shared. And I want you to share it with those you love. TELL THEM! Show them. Give them the gift of love, it’s free. And free is the best price for a priceless gift.

My Bro is convinced that if someone overheard him saying he loves me, he would be carted off to the funny farm…where funny things don’t actually happen. That it would be the worst situation that a grown man could find himself in. I can hear his inner monologue, though it sounds strangely like his 8 year old self: TELL My Sister I love her? Why would I do that? She already knows; I don’t need to say it. Well, dang boy! Even a cactus needs water occasionally. And I am not a tough prickly dessert dwelling plant. I am a sappy (*plant pun) city living lady. And sometimes, I just need to hear him say it. I want him to share something that doesn’t cost him anything but air..and words…and time…and maybe long distance charges. But he refuses; even when there is nobody around to hear him humiliate himself..

I don’t think it would upset me as much if he didn’t like me. I mean, if we were those siblings who don’t get along, hate spending time together, do nothing but fight…but mostly, we’re good. He has the odd errant ear/nose/eyebrow hair, but that makes me feel needed. He can be gruff and gruelling. Even dare I say it, off-colour? But nobody’s perfect. It seems silly to me that anyone wouldn’t want to make sure those they love knew it. How could loving anything be considered a weakness? Yes, obviously your heart is a sensitive muscle, but I would hope that we can be tough enough to share love. Or at least I’d hope you’re brave enough to give it a shot. Cuz Bro, you’re one tough Mother Bocker, and I love that about you. That’s one thing I am not afraid to say.

All We Need Is Love, So Share It Bro